WP_20130726_013-corr (002)Bocause, the specialist in hydrangea micro-cuttings and half-grown plants

Specialised in the production of rooted hydrangeas micro-cuttings and hydrangea half-grown plants (10.5 cm pot). With five generations of Dutch growers on his paternal side and six generations of French horticulturists on his maternal side, Thomas Eveleens founded Bocause in 2009 in the Netherlands during his final year of Horticultural Engineering study.
In 2013, the company was relocated to Brain sur l’Authion near Angers France.

A company with strong innovations

Since its foundation, the company never stopped innovating in order to guarantee top quality products. Especially the innovative technique for the propagation of hydrangeas ‘micro-cuttings’, provides more homogenous cuttings with shorter internodes, a good root system and better branching quality; e.g. > single pinch > labour saving.